These are challenging times we are currently living in and we have all been exposed to this new quarantine situation, where things have changed a lot for dancers, dance teachers, and artists all over the world. Lately, I have heard so many stories about some dancers and dance teachers not being able to cope with this quarantine situation, losing their motivation for dance and the associative creativity that is a part of it. Being a dancer and dance teacher myself, I wanted to share with all of you some of the things I do to keep my motivation for dance at its highest level possible:

  • MUSIC – now it´s the perfect time to go through all the music you bought in the past – all your CD´s and mp 3´s. While listening to them, you’ll rediscover some music treasures and I am sure you´ll get inspired and started dancing and creating again.
  • VIDEO´s – I believe every dancer has loads of video material from different workshops, instructional DVDs and all their favorite clips of dancers on YouTube – have a look at them and I’m sure you’ll get inspired! And if you want more, there are so many teachers all around the globe who offer classes; some of them even offer free material to work on!
  • BOOKS & ARTICLES – there are so many books, e-books, and articles about oriental dance and the culture beyond and usually no time to read. Well, that has changed now and we can really get into reading more. If you don´t know where to start, here´s a hint: and
  • CHOREOS & COMBOS – normally we all lack time to really work on more choreographies and combinations. We usually do what needs to be done and with all the classes and performance obligations, we can´t prepare more even if we wanted to. Now it´s a good time to create new choreographies, the ones that’ll be taught and/or presented on stage after the quarantine is over.
  • KEEP UP WITH YOUR DAILY ROUTINE! – This is the last, but the most important thing! Wake up and start your daily routine as if you have classes or performances that day. Stay positive and set your plans for your dance future and remember what Roosevelt said: »A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.«